Steve Goodman: Facing the Music
by Clay Eals

Corrections, updates, additions

Thanks for the fixes!

At the front of the book's first and second printings and in e-mail blasts, I asked readers to point out what they think are errors in the text, and I've been delighted to receive messages pointing out where fixes should be made. I myself also have discovered a few.

In the nine months between the first and second printings, I made hundreds of additional alterations, updates and additions, all of which were found in the second printing. Likewise, in the four-plus years between the second and third printings, I made hundreds of other alterations, including updates, embellishments and rearrangements. On this web page, I am listing the changes that I kept track of that went beyond mere mechanical fixes.

Beyond what you see below, if you spot something in the book's first, second or third printings that you feel needs correcting, please e-mail me at I will make note of such errors on this site and include such fixes in a fourth printing, if that comes to pass.

— Clay Eals

Alterations for second printing

First page: Added review excerpts.

Copyright page: Changed printing location, added second printing notation.

Contents page: Added wording in last two listings. Also, changed titles for Chapters 10 and 18 to reflect actual titles.

Author page: Rewrote author's note at bottom of page.

Page 30: In footnote 3, closed up the letters "yearn" and "ing" so as to form the word "yearning."

Page 31: Added two (small) photos.

Page 33: Added footnote.

Page 49: In second paragraph, changed "downtown" to "on the South Side."

Page 49: In fourth paragraph, third line, changed "Cabegos" to "Cobegos."

Page 51: Lengthened footnote.

Page 52: Added photo, replacing pull quote.

Page 61: In second full paragraph, fourth line, inserted "of boys" after "7 percent."

Page 63: Added (upper) footnote.

Page 65: In first full paragraph, deleted Richard Lester reference and substituted Peter Sellers. Also, in third full paragraph, addedname of student cinematographer Michael Waitsman. Also, in the last line, changed "Lt. Kiji's Suite" to "Lieutenant Kije" suite.

Page 83: In second-to-last paragraph, changed the second word in the name of the congregation B'nai Joshua Beth Elohim to Jehoshua.

Page 84: In third paragraph, changed the location of McCormick Place to south of, not in, downtown Chicago.

Page 91: Added footnote.

Page 101: In fourth full paragraph, second line, inserted "-area" after "Chicago."

Page 104: In second full paragraph, added listing of Steve as president of his pledge class.

Pages 107-117: Major rewriting of text at top of 107, bottom of 112 and top of 113, forcing condensation of text and re-indexing of parts of these 11 pages. Footnote at bottom of 108 moved from 109. Added footnote on page 111. On page 112, rewrote caption, and added two footnotes to replace the old footnote. Added footnote on page 114.

Page 121: Added photo, replacing photo of Tom Ghent that is moved to page 123.

Page 123: Martin photo flopped and cropped.

Page 127: In photo caption, changed song title to "Southwind Train" to match same title in the text.

Page 133: In footnote 15, changed the McQueen story from apocryphal to true.

Page 135: In second paragraph from bottom, identified Jo Mapes' three offspring as two daughters and a son, not three daughters.

Page 136: Added photo, replacing pull quote.

Page 142: Added photo, replacing pull quote.

Page 145: In third full paragraph and in caption on this page, changed spelling of Harriet Siegel to Harriette Segal.

Page 146: Added photo, replacing photo that is moved to page 242.

Page 147: In third full paragraph, fifth line, replaced the words "the co-writer of" with "a performer on."

Page 151: Added footnote.

Page 152: Added photo, replacing pull quote.

Page 156: In third full paragraph, added that the Juan routine mirrored a routine by comedian Lenny Bruce.

Page 157: Rewrote bottom footnote.

Page 158: In second paragraph, sixth line, changed "northeast" to "northwest."

Page 159: Added photo, replacing pull quote. Also, reworded seventh paragraph from bottom to indicate that Steve had gone out a few nights before and was home when he woke Ron Rosoff.

Page 162: In footnote, changed first name of Volmer Franz to Volmar.

Page 165: In second line, changed first name of Volmer Franz to Volmar. Also, in the middle paragraph, changed Robert Pruter's job to encyclopedia editor.

Page 166: In second full paragraph, changed location of Robert and Nancy Pruter's mother's home to the North Side, not Maywood, where she previously resided.

Pages 169-175: Expansion of text at bottom of page 169 and top of 170, relating to Goodman's Navy jingles, and forcing condensation of other text on these pages. Added footnote on page 169. Added three photos on page 170, replacing pull quote. Added pull quote on page 171.

Page 186: Added footnote.

Page 193: Added footnote, shortened pull quote. Also, in first line of third full paragraph changed membership of British folk group Young Tradition to three members, not four.

Page 196: In first partial paragraph, lines seven and eight, changed "a teenager derided by her peers" to "a lonely woman derided by neighborhood kids."

Page 199: Added photo, replacing photo that is deleted.

Page 202: Added photo, replacing photo that is moved to page 431.

Page 203: Added photo, replacing photo that is deleted. Also, added footnote, replacing a footnote that is moved to bottom of page 252.

Page 205: In first full paragraph, removed the word "eldest" from the phrase "eldest child of his famous dad."

Page 207: Added (upper) footnote.

Page 217: In third paragraph from bottom, changed first name of Chino Pozo to Chano.

Page 229: In third paragraph, inserted the first name of Don before Van Vliet.

Page 242: Moved photo from page 146, replacing pull quote.

Page 243: Added photo, replacing pull quote.

Page 252: Added (lower) footnote, moved from page 203.

Page 265: Added photo, replacing pull quote.

Page 268: Added (upper) footnote, moved from page 267.

Page 281: Added (middle) footnote. The two other footnotes are shortened.

Page 287: In upper footnote, changed the phrase "learned Steve had leukemia" to "heard Steve reference his leukemia."

Page 292: Added footnote.

Page 294: In middle footnote, changed name first name of Bob Peel to John.

Page 312: Added photo, replacing pull quote.

Page 314: Added photo, replacing pull quote.

Page 315: Moved footnote from page 314.

Page 331: Added (lower) footnote. Also, in the fifth paragraph, fourth line, changed last name of Toni Mandel to Mendell.

Page 337: Inserted second through seventh paragraphs, added pull quote.

Page 342: Added (lower) footnote.

Page 345: In eighth paragraph, third line, changed last name of Toni Mandel to Mendell.

Page 346: In third full paragraph, changed third sentence to read, "Steve's version of the last verse opened with 'The winters whirl the windmills 'round,' a flip-flop from Smith's original line, 'The windmills whirl the winter in.' "

Page 358: Lengthened (lower) footnote.

Page 364: Added footnote.

Page 368: In third full paragraph, third line, changed the word "teen" to "loner."

Page 368-369: Moved photo from page 369 to page 368 to make room for added photo on page 369. Footnote formerly on page 368 moved to (upper) footnote on page 369.

Page 371: In last sentence, changed attribution "he says" to "she says."

Page 377: In lower footnote, changed typo "urprised" to read "surprised."

Page 385: Added (upper) footnote.

Page 394: Lengthened footnote.

Page 405: Enlarged and cropped photo from its original use.

Page 406: Entirely rewrote text on whole page, based on having seen tape of show, plus added footnote. In first paragraph, sixth line, corrected Mike Douglas' age to 49.

Page 409: Added (lower) footnote.

Page 425: In fourth paragraph, third and fourth lines, changed parenthetical phrase to "the name of a D.C. neighborhood," instead of "a nickname for D.C."

Page 426: Added footnote.

Page 429: In photo caption, removed the word "at."

Page 431: Moved photo from page 202

Page 436-437: Moved photo previously on page 437 to page 436 (replacing pull quote), to make room for added photo on page 437.

Page 437: Changed photo credit to Sherb Slack.

Page 452: Shortened footnote.

Page 456: Added (upper) footnote.

Page 458: In first complete paragraph, second line, changed "ABC" to "CBS."

Page 464: In footnote 40, changed Sarasota Springs to Saratoga Springs.

Page 469: Lengthened caption.

Page 470, Added footnote.

Page 473: Added footnote.

Page 476, In first full paragraph, fourth line, fixed typo in word "substituion" to read "substitution."

Page 477: In first full paragraph, changed word in quoted phrase to savage "beast," not "beat."

Page 482: Added footnote.

Page 484: In second-to-last line, corrected spelling of last name of Phil Donohue to Donahue.

Page 485: Added (lower) footnote.

Page 489: Added footnote.

Page 496: Lengthened (upper) footnote and added (middle) footnote. Also, in first footnote, corrected Mazzilli's homer to his second major-league round-tripper, not his first.

Page 500, Added footnote, shortened caption.

Page 501: In first full paragraph, 11th line, changed Eddie Cochran song title to "Somethin' Else."

Page 502: Added footnote.

Page 503: Added photo and footnote, replacing pull quote.

Page 508: Added footnote.

Page 510: Lengthened third full paragraph to indicate that Marla Brin, Alan's older sister, was the impetus for getting her mom and Alan to Laury's and that Marla had heard through the grapevine of Steve's leukemia.

Page 511: In last paragraph, changed attribution to Barbara Kushner, wife of Roland Kushner.

Page 528: Corrected pull quote.

Page 529: Added footnote.

Page 530, Lengthened footnote.

Page 533: Added photo, replacing pull quote.

Page 534-535: Moved original photo on page 534 to page 555 and moved photo originally on page 535 to page 534 to make room for added (middle) footnote on page 535.

Page 540: Lengthened footnote.

Page 545: Added (lower) footnote.

Page 548: Added photo, replacing pull quote.

Page 549: In fourth full paragraph, fifth line, changed last name of Max Gale to Gail.

Page 555: Moved photo from page 534, replacing pull quote.

Page 560, Added footnote.

Page 583: Added (bottom) footnote.

Page 587: Lengthened caption.

Page 590, Added photo, replacing pull quote.

Page 600-601: Moved photo originally on page 600 to page 601 and vice versa. Footnote originally on page 601 moved to page 600.

Page 602: Added (lower) footnote, shortened pull quote.

Page 604: Lengthened (upper) footnote.

Page 609: In lower footnote, inserted "Blair Maclean" before the word "parody."

Page 615: Added (lower) footnote.

Pages 620-629: to make room for three new photos on page 624, condensed text on these 10 pages. Moved footnote originally on page 622 to page 621. Moved footnote originally on page 623 to page 622. Added (upper) footnote on page 623. Moved footnote originally on page 624 to page 623. Added (upper) footnote on page 625. Added footnote on page 629.

Page 631: Changed spelling of last name in photo credit to "Engel," not "Engles."

Page 641: Added footnote. Also, in first full paragraph from bottom, fixed typo in last word of the phrase "pause for the case" to "cause."

Page 644: Added (bottom) footnote.

Page 653: Added footnote.

Page 663: Added (upper) footnote.

Page 644: Moved footnote originally on page 663 to this page, added (lower) footnote.

Page 665: Added photo, replacing pull quote.

Page 672: Lengthened footnote.

Page 673: Added (lower) footnote.

Page 675: Added photo, replacing pull quote.

Pages 680-681: Rewrote bottom of 680 and top of 681 to reposition Nelson quote to proper place in footnote on page 673. Lengthened footnote on page 680.

Page 703: Lengthened (upper) footnote.

Page 706: In second full paragraph, corrected spelling of Tiptina's to Tipitina's.

Page 708: Added (upper) footnote.

Page 710, Added (lower) footnote.

Page 713: In first full paragraph, sixth line, changed "11-year-old" to "14-year-old."

Page 713: Added photo and added two (top and bottom) footnotes, replacing pull quote. Also, in the fifth full paragraph, first line, changed "five times" should be "four times."

Page 714: Added footnote.

Page 716: At bottom of page, in lyric to "Penny Evans' Daughters," changed second line, "it's an honor in each year," to read, "it's an honor earned each year."

Page 721: In fourth paragraph, fifth line, corrected Mike Strobel's location to Rochester, New York.

Page 722: Rewrote bottom paragraph that jumps to page 723, to reflect Norm Hacking's death.

Page 724: Rewrote third, fourth and sixth paragraphs and added two (second and fourth) footnotes, replacing pull quote, to include Cubs' 2007 season.

Pages 730-741: Added or edited more than 20 listings in discography.

Pages 742-747: Added 53 names to acknowledgments (see separate Acknowledgments page on this site).

Pages 748-774: Added more than 200 index listings and altered countless others. Photo originally on page 762 moved to page 763. Photo originally on page 765 moved to page 764.

Page C1: Corrected caption to state that Nancy and the three girls are in a Los Angeles recording studio, not a Sloan-Kettering waiting room.

Page C8: Changed credit for the bottom photo to Bob Yahn.

Page C13: In fourth line of upper caption, changed "Cubs exec" to "WGN exec."

Alterations for third printing

General: Made minor word repositioning and punctuation changes throughout, not noted below. Changed present-tense attributions to past tense for more than 20 sources who died between February 2008 and May 2012, not noted below.

Cover: Moved image slightly lower to get more space between yellow spotlight and edge. Changed "BONUS!" text to reference free download instead of CD.

Copyright page: Added third printing notation.

Author page: Rewrote and updated author's note at bottom of page.

Page 1: Added "2007" after Studs Terkel's name.

Page 5: Added photo.

Page 18: Changed "neck" to "headstock."

Page 19: Inserted "and manager Leo Durocher" after "Brickhouse."

Page 30: Replaced "was" with "were." Realigned photo and caption.

Page 41: Augmented footnote.

Page 44: Added photo and inset.

Page 45: Replaced "oh" with "O" and deleted "our God" in the sh'ma.

Page 50: Added photo and inset.

Page 57: Fourth paragraph, first line: Replace second "left" with "departed."

Page 62: Updated Hillary Clinton reference to include Secretary of State.

Page 64: Added inset photo.

Page 65: Added footnote. Rewrote description of "Mental Illness for Fun and Profit."

Page 66: Reposition caption.

Page 71: Second paragraph, last line: Insert "("Rebel Rouser")" after "Eddy."

Page 72: Realigned photo and caption.

Page 74: Replaced "were" with "was."

Page 76: Added photo.

Page 77: Changed "rocketed to international prominence" to "in a succession of national political roles."

Page 82: Changed "confidante" to "confidant." Rewrote next sentence to state, "The two spent an afternoon ..." with no attribution.

Page 85: Changed "that may have later inspired" to "that later may have helped inspire."

Page 92: Realigned lower photo and caption. In caption, inserted "OK" between "tinged" and "circle." In text, replaced "black" with "name."

Page 109: Added pull quote.

Page 115: Added to caption "from Chicago at top right to New Orleans at the bottom."

Page 116: Added footnote.

Page 118: Inserted "interior" after "dark-red."

Page 120: Replaced "street" with "sidewalk."

Page 121: Replaced "epitomize" with "typify."

Page 127: Replaced "wrote" with "co-wrote."

Page 130: Realigned the caption.

Page 142: Realigned photo and caption.

Page 147: Realigned photo and caption. Added footnote.

Page 149: Added footnote.

Page 151: Replaced "uninsured" with "not fully insured."

Page 152: Replaced "Some" with "Others."

Page 156: Added footnote.

Page 157: In footnote: replaced "popularized" with "brought to prominence."

Page 159: In footnote, replaced "verse" with "lyric."

Page 172: Realigned photo and caption. Added footnote.

Page 181: Added "street-side" after "tight."

Page 184: Realigned photo and caption.

Page 185: Changed May to March.

Page 189: Added "200-year-old former banana warehouse." Replaced "hit" with "flooded."

Page 190: Added footnote.

Page 193: Deleted "shy blues" and inserted "/guitarist" after "singer."

Page 195: Added footnote.

Page 197: Replaced "dispelled" with "upended."

Page 213: Added "Chuckie."

Page 214: Replaced "felt likewise" with "had a similar perception." Inserted "his gentle performance" before "quieting."

Page 215: Replaced "excitement" with "ebullience."

Page 217: Added footnote.

Page 227: Moved footnote to page 267 and added new footnote.

Page 231: Added footnote.

Page 237: Added footnote.

Page 238: Deleted "last summer."

Page 239: Augmented footnote.

Page 240: Inserted "22 years" after "working." Moved footnote to page 241 and added new footnote.

Page 241: Realigned photo and caption. Condensed photo and caption. Inserted "Like the Philly festival audiences." Replaced "verse" with "chorus." Replace "now" with "later." Inserted "the blind" before "flatpicker."

Page 251: Replaced "anxiety" with "tension" and deleted "for Steve."

Page 254: Add footnote.

Page 259: Replace section of sentence beginning with "referring to ..." with "an indication that he thought he could have provided a more effective dobro accompaniment on Denver's version of 'City.' "

Page 266: Deleted "serviceable" and inserted after "coda": "lifted from a Mickey Newbury/Doug Gilmore song." Added footnote.

Page 267: Moved footnote from page 227 to this page. Replaced "says" with "found that."

Page 270: Replaced "Walker Arts Center" with "the Guthrie Theater."

Page 271: In footnote, changed "Tulagi's" to "the Tulagi." Added footnote.

Page 273: Replaced "massive" with "imposing."

Page 277-278: Added information regarding first performance of "Penny Evans," in text and two new footnotes.

Page 280: Deleted "But" and replaced "rivet an audience's attention" with "enthrall an audience."

Page 281: In footnote, changed "woman" to "writer."

Page 282: Rewrote transition between "Penny Evans" and "Paul Powell."

Page 291: Corrected elements of Tom Rush anecdote.

Page 292: Replaced "hosted" with "emceed."

Page 293-294: Added date of MSU anecdote and insight from Bill Warden.

Page 294: Moved "Election Year Rag" paragraph from page 282 to here and augmented it with early verse. Replaced "unforgettable" with "war and."

Page 296: Added info on "The Old Grey Whistle Test" and added footnote.

Page 302: Inserted "solemn" before "original." Inserted "other" after "knew each."

Page 304: Changed caption to " ... 1972, the day that Guthrie ..."

Page 307: Added footnote.

Page 312: Added photo.

Page 313: Rewrote phrase to " ... #18 before dropping ..."

Page 315: Added footnote.

Page 319: Realigned and augmented caption.

Page 324: Added footnote.

Page 336: Realigned caption. Replaced "Houston" with "Merritt Island, Fla." and "Houston" with "ground staff."

Page 337: Replaced "Houston" with "Kennedy Space Center staff." Added two photos.

Page 342: Changed sentence to: "Other folkies who poured in included:"

Page 347: Added footnote.

Page 348: Added photo.

Page 350: Inserted "co-produced by Swedish TV2 and KCET-TV" and changed title of show to "West Coast Session." Added footnote.

Page 352: Realigned caption.

Page 353: Added "at the time."

Page 359: Added footnote.

Page 360: Augmented footnote.

Page 367: Added photo.

Page 368: Added two photos. Inserted "frigid" before "Chicago." Added footnote.

Page 370: Replaced "a good" with "the occasional."

Page 371: Added two photos. Condensed text slightly on this and following pages.

Page 374: Inserted "hilarious and" before "memorable," "uniformed" before "White Castle" and "staff" after "White Castle." Added photo.

Page 376: Added footnote.

Page 377: Clarified umpire anecdote. Added footnote. Inserted "take a hike" phrase to closing sentence.

Page 378: In photo, removed shadow from around Steve's head.

Page 379-380: Enhanced and changed month of Grand Canyon anecdote. Added two footnotes.

Page 383-384: Realigned photo caption. Added information on Mariposa workshop. Added two footnotes. Augmented footnote.

Page 389: Added two footnotes.

Page 390: Added footnote. Added photo.

Page 396: Realigned caption.

Page 397: Added "discreetly credited Dylan." Augmented footnote.

Page 398: Added footnote.

Page 399: Changed "life" to "live."

Page 401: Rewrote caption.

Page 404: Added footnote.

Page 406: Corrected typo in word "soared." In footnote, replaced comma with period.

Page 410: Added footnote.

Page 414: Replaced "launched" with "started a second assortment, 10 minutes long, by launching." Deleted "10-minute."

Page 416: Replaced "the live theater stage" with "American live theater stages."

Page 418: Added footnote. Augmented footnote.

Page 420: Added two footnotes.

Page 421: Realigned caption.

Page 424: Replaced "1976" with "the Bicentennial year."

Page 427: To caption, added Buck Island.

Page 430: Replaced "remembered" with "summoned."

Page 431: Realigned caption.

Page 432: Added footnote.

Page 434: Inserted "only" before "other."

Page 435: Deleted "self-."

Page 439: In footnote, inserted "fellow."

Page 440: Added photo.

Page 443: Added footnote.

Page 444: Added two footnotes.

Page 445: Added info on Rudi Carrell version of "City of New Orleans." Moved info on Jack White version to augmented footnote. Added footnote.

Page 446: Added two photos.

Page 454: Removed quotes from "trumpet."

Page 456: Augmented footnote.

Page 457: Added footnote.

Page 460: Added footnote.

Page 465: Replaced "now" with "later."

Page 473: Added footnote.

Page 478: Added footnote.

Page 482: Replaced "Peekskill" with "Fishkill" and "60" with "50."

Page 484: Inserted "most" after "appealed."

Page 493: Moved footnote reference.

Page 501: Inserted "soon to be" prior to "syndicated."

Page 502: Inserted "musical" before "charts." Realigned caption.

Page 503: Moved footnote reference.

Page 506: Added footnote.

Page 508: In footnote, replaced "Wisconsin" with "Illinois."

Page 509: Added footnote. Removed Jeff Jones from Earl of Old Town anecdote. Added footnote.

Page 511: Added photo.

Page 522: Inserted "back" after "segued."

Page 528: Replaced "were left" with "remained."

Page 531: Replaced "referenced" with "cited" and "referencing" with "summoning."

Page 532: Augmented footnote.

Page 533: Added three photos. Condensed text slightly on this and following pages.

Page 534: Inserted "mutual" before "identity."

Page 535: Moved footnote to page 536.

Page 536: Added that Venuti died in Seattle. Replaced "nervousness" with "anxiety."

Page 539: Moved footnote to page 540.

Page 540: Moved footnote to page 541.

Page 542: Moved footnote to page 543. Replaced "handclaps" with "backbeat handclaps to counter a disco pulse." Replaced "on an El train" with "on the El."

Page 543: Added footnote. Inserted "when" after "But" and replace "he" with "the host." Also replace "made" with "tried to make."

Pages 546-567: In page top, replaced "wasn't able to" with "couldn't."

Page 551: Inserted "each of" before "his two." Added photo.

Page 553: Inserted "(Maria's ex)" after "Geoff Muldaur." Added Jessica Baron to list of Rogers Park softball players. Added photo. Added footnote.

Page 557: Changed "confidante" to "confidant."

Page 559: Deleted "accidental" before "single-aircraft."

Page 560: Augmented footnote.

Page 563: Added footnote.

Page 569: Inserted "I knew" between "numbers" and "in."

Pages 569-582: Condensed text slightly to make room for new photo on page 582.

Page 571: Added footnote. Added photo. Replaced "friendly" with "genial."

Page 573: Added two footnotes.

Page 579: Realigned photo and caption.

Page 580: Augmented footnote.

Page 582: Added photo.

Page 583: Replaced "finished" with "completed." Added footnote.

Page 586: Replaced "unseen" with "invisible." Added footnote. Moved footnote reference.

Page 587: Reordered photos.

Page 592: Augmented and fixed vagueness in footnote.

Page 595: Inserted "the crack of a bat and" between "with" and "crowd."

Page 596: Inserted "prominent and respected" between "a" and "publicist." Inserted "Even so" and deleted "however." In footnote, replaced "1915" with "1925."

Page 597: Inserted "Memorial" after "Verban."

Page 599: Replaced "now" with "later."

Page 600: Inserted "and friend" after "performer."

Page 601: Added footnote.

Page 603: Added footnote.

Page 605: Inserted "brotherly" before "kick." Added reference to 1972 Penthouse magazine article. Added three photos.

Page 607: Inserted "another" before "50-year-old." Replaced "version" with "versions."

Page 611: Corrected chapter kicker to read: "July 1982-January 1984" instead of beginning with "July 1983." Replaced "even louder" with "more loudly." Replaced "had reported Steve's disease since its onset in 1969" with "had ever reported on Steve's 13-year-old disease." Replaced "grabs readers" with "sells."

Page 615: Add footnote.

Page 619: Deleted "With Shea, Steve traveled in late 1982 to New York and San Francisco to pose for the needed photos," and inserted "In late 1982, Steve flew to New York, and Shea hired lensman Jack Wilding to capture the Carnegie image, while Steve and Shea and Steve traveled to San Francisco for the other one." Inserted "and daring" after "different." Delete "displayed" and inserted "in script." Inserted "his" before "live."

Page 620: Augmented caption with Boxcar Willie info.

Page 621: Inserted "thus" between "and" and "readily."

Page 622: Replaced "a" with "the kind of." Deleted "he were."

Page 627: Inserted "a" before "famed."

Page 628: Deleted "the" before "confidence."

Page 630: Inserted "not to mention tomfoolery." Changed Supervalu to a grocery chain. Eliminated hyphen from 3M. Added photo. Replaced "a Minute" with "the Minute."

Page 633: Inserted "lyric" before "line."

Page 635: Changed "the L.A.-based Dr. Demento Show on KMET-FM" to "the syndicated, L.A.-based Dr. Demento Show." Replaced "the trunk" with "a trunk."

Page 641: In footnote, deleted "spot."

Page 644: Added photo. Replaced "now" with "later."

Page 646: Added footnote.

Page 651: Added photo.

Page 652: Inserted "the inflated price of" between "for" and "$15." Added footnote.

Page 656: In caption, replaced "sunset" with "setting sun."

Page 658: Inserted "Hearkening to his 1969 jingle singing, and" before "With optimism." Removed "Cubs exec."

Page 660: Inserted "a sextet of sisterhood:" after "of."

Page 661: In footnote, added "(See page 633.)." Replaced "fireman's" with "firefighters'."

Page 662: Added footnote.

Page 664: Augmented footnote.

Page 665: Inserted "(if costly)" after "giddy." Inserted "and the makings of a new burst of creativity" between "and" and "the." Replaced "creative" with "inspired." Replaced "live on" with "persisted."

Page 666: Inserted "mordantly" before "cautionary."

Page 667: Augmented footnote.

Page 675: Cropped photo slightly and augmented footnote.

Page 676: Replaced "he" with "Steve."

Page 682: Added footnote.

Page 684: Replaced "solid and striped balls" with "solids and stripes."

Page 685: Replaced "now" with "later."

Page 696: Added footnote.

Page 697: Added footnote.

Page 698: Inserted "his" between "of" and "publicly."

Page 699: Realigned photo and caption.

Page 700: Added footnote.

Page 701: Inserted "had" before "recorded." Replaced "2007" with "2011," and replaced "at least 39" with "more than 60." Fixed rest of paragraph: "Counting the 40 covers of the song that were released in Steve's lifetime, more than 100 versions have hit vinyl, tape and/or CD." Added footnote.

Page 703: Added footnote.

Page 704: Inserted "finished nursing school" and fixed tenses.

Page 707: Indicated that "Trouble" and "Forever" each had nine recordings. Indicated that "Banana Republics" had four covers, leaving the other two songs to have three.

Page 709: Replaced "many" with "several."

Page 710: Added footnote. Augmented footnote.

Page 711: Updated number of songs. Added footnote.

Page 712: Replaced "words" with "lyrics." In footnote, replaced "1978" with "1979." Added footnote.

Page 716: Changed "eight" to "nine" and inserted John Prine.

Page 718: Added footnote.

Page 719: Added footnote.

Page 721: Added two footnotes.

Page 723: Added footnote.

Page 724: Added 2008 to "near-miss" line. Added reference to WGN seeking new Cubs song for 2012. Augmented footnote.

Page 725: Added footnote.

Page 727: Added two footnotes.

Page 728: Added footnote.

Pages 730-741: Added 50 listings. Inserted "12" before "selections." Changed "Timekeepers" to "Time Keepers." Changed date for "Bobby Bare & Friends" show. Changed listing for "Unidentified show" to "West Coast Session" and indicated it aired in Sweden and United States. Moved "Steeltown" and Buffett Wrigley DVD listings.

Pages 742-747: Added 890 names to acknowledgments (see separate Acknowledgments page on this site.)

Pages 748-774: Added and altered hundreds of index listings.

Page 773: Re-cropped and resized photo.

Page 775: In "This is for Lena's Caffè," inserted "of venue" after "kind."

Page 778: Renamed title to "Bonus Tracks Annotation." Deleted references to a bonus CD and replaced them with "bonus tracks." Explained how readers can obtain the download.

Page C12: Added three photos. Resized two others.

Page C16: In top caption, replaced "Jackson Browne" with "Johnny Burns." Deleted 2006 photo of Al Bunetta and Minnette Goodman, replacing it with 2010 photo of Steve Goodman post-office dedication.

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